Wood Windows Are Still a Favorite with Homeowners

April 07, 2011

Your home's original wood windows are showing wear and tear, but you don't want to go with vinyl or fiberglass replacement windows. What you want to buy and install are new wood windows with updated features including multiple layers of glass. Although wood typically costs more than man-made materials, choosing wood windows can be important for maintaining your home's historic or architectural integrity.

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Wood Windows Available in Standard and Custom Sizes and Styles

Depending on the nature of your window replacement project, you can find wood windows in a variety of standard sizes and styles, or you can custom order windows for a major home renovation or window replacement project. Windows replacement contractors can help with locating suppliers for unusual or custom wood windows.

Modern Wood Windows Provide Convenience

If you've ever leaned out of a wood window while attempting to clean its exterior surfaces, worry no more. New wood window styles include panes that can tilt or pivot to accommodate cleaning from within. Window manufacturers also offer options including your choice of hardware and glazing options suited to your climate and sun exposure.

Caring for Wood Windows

Wood can be subject to problems caused weather and pests. The key to keeping your wood windows in good condition is proper finishing of all wood surfaces. Exposed wood can become a target for pest infestations and problems such as dry rot and warping. Window sales reps and windows replacement contractors can recommend proper finishing products for your wood windows. When addressing problems with your wood windows, it's best to consult a replacement windows contractor or appropriate professionals for evaluating damage and making repairs.

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