Common Wood Window Sizes

October 10, 2010

Wood windows lend a beautiful, historical look to homes, and come in many sizes to help homeowners and homebuilders create the look they want. There are common wood window sizes, and you can also have them built to your specifications.

Common Wood Windows Sizes

While there isn't an industry standard that window makers follow, there are some common sizes for wood windows. As homebuilders follow local codes and standards, there isn't a one-size fits all approach, but wood window makers tend to create a wide range of sizes that fit most situations. Even local do-it-yourself home supply stores carry wood windows in some of these common sizes.

Common wood window sizes are often found between 24 inches and 36 inches wide, with a height between 38 and 60 inches. There are many variations within these guidelines, such as windows that are 32 inches wide by 54 inches high.

Common wood window sizes can be tricky, however, depending on the shape of window you're looking for. The above guidelines are for standard, double-hung windows.

If the wood window sizes in your home don't match those of the more commonly made windows, wood window manufacturers generally can create custom-sized windows.

Wood windows are definitely not for those looking for a cheap replacement; their aesthetic appeal is very popular with homeowners looking for a rich, traditional look. Depending on the size, finish, and trim, wood windows can cost a couple hundred dollars a piece. Wood windows also generally require more maintenance than other materials like vinyl. Painting, staining, and finishing are often part of the regular upkeep, but properly maintained wood windows can sometimes last 100 years or more.

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