Wood Window Repair or Replacement: Five Considerations

December 10, 2009

Knowing how to evaluate wood windows and determine whether to repair or replace them is important for maintaining your home's design integrity and for avoiding additional problems caused by "getting in too deep" with repairs too difficult to do yourself.

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Your Wood Windows: Repair or Replace?

Here are some considerations when evaluating wood windows:

  • What's appropriate for your home: If your home's architectural integrity is a priority, wood window repairs can require a great deal of skill, and finding suitable replacement glass and hardware can be challenging. Professional window repair or replacement may be needed.
  • Craftsmanship and design: The charm of old windows lies in the appeal of expert craftsmanship and design. If you have ornate wood frames, handmade glass, or stained glass, repairs can be tricky. Beware of potential lead exposure when handling leaded glass windows.
  • Windows as the dominant visual feature: The amount of light windows bring indoors impacts the entire room, and they are an integral part of your home's exterior.
  • Wood window condition: Existing windows that are seriously damaged may require replacement and are best evaluated by a professional.
  • Maintaining architectural /design integrity: If you want to keep your home's architectural integrity, but need to repair or replace wood windows, it you may locate replacement materials from suppliers specializing in architectural salvage. Another option is having new windows custom designed to match the originals.

Comparing estimates for wood window repair and replacement can help when deciding which approach best meets your budget, schedule, and maintains your home's design integrity.

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