Window Accessories for Wood Windows

October 18, 2010

Put the finishing touches on your wood windows with upgrades designed to enhance the look, function, and safety of the window.

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The Best Window Accessories for Wood Windows

Choosing the best window accessories means following your own personal style. Follow the latest accessory trends or go for a classic look: it's up to you.

  • Hardware. The hardware you install on your window can match your window and decor. Choose among locks, keepers, sash lifts, and window handles for awning, gliding, casement windows and more, all in a range of finishes and styles. Truly customize your windows with customized hardware.
  • Grilles. Suggest the look of old-fashioned paned windows and increase your curb appeal with grilles that attach to your wooden window frame. Styles are available ranging from the traditional rectangular shapes, to patterns suggesting art glass.

Safety Window Accessories for Wood Windows

Insect screens are a smart way to protect against bugs coming in, but they're no match for the weight of a child pushing out. Consider other safety upgrades for your wood windows:

  • Window opening control. This device limits the amount anyone can open your window using a simple piece mounted on the frame. For emergencies, the device can easily be disabled.
  • Window guards. Designed to mount horizontally or vertically, these guards are quickly installed and removed in case of an emergency, but stand up to curious children's hands.

Pricing for wood window accessories changes based on the quality of material, manufacturer, and the size of your window. Expect to pay more in labor costs if complex installation is required.

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