Top Vinyl Window Styles

October 11, 2010

If you're looking for good insulation, a clean, basic look, and a low price, consider vinyl windows. You can even earn discounts on your windows in the form of tax rebates, if you install energy-efficient windows. Many vinyl windows meet the government's high qualifications for energy efficiency.

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Vinyl windows require less maintenance, make for lighter structures, and boast more cost-effective benefits over wood. And, vinyl windows come in many of the same varied styles as other windows.

Top vinyl windows styles include:

  • Awning: Swing open from hinges at the top
  • Bay or Bow: Create extra room in any room by curving outward
  • Casement: Swing open to the side for maximum ventilation
  • Double-Hung or Single-Hung: Classic sliding style from the top or bottom of the window
  • Sliding: Glides open from side to side

Unique window styles like fixed and garden windows are also available in vinyl. Basically, a window project that can be completed in wood can also be completed in vinyl, minus the risk of rotting.

When researching top vinyl windows styles, remember that vinyl production has come a long way since the warping, fading material of twenty years ago. Today's vinyl is built to withstand hotter temperatures and longer exposure to sunlight, minimizing the warping and fading effects that plagued earlier vinyl windows.

Internet sources quote vinyl windows at around $185 each.

So, consider vinyl windows and enjoy the affordability, durability, and clean appearance your home deserves.

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