Window Shades for Vinyl Windows

October 11, 2010

Although inexpensive, vinyl windows have a crisp, sharp look, are attractive, energy efficient, and durable. You want to pair them with striking shades that complement their color and appearance. The choices in terms of fabrics, styles, and colors are plentiful.

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For maximal energy savings, consider window shades for vinyl windows that are insulated. These typically come in Roman or roller styles and consist of both material for aesthetics and insulating material like acrylic foam, Thinsulate, or aluminized mylar.

Depending on which room your shades are for, other factors need consideration. When choosing shades for a bathroom, think about privacy and high humidity levels. For a bedroom, decor and privacy are most important. For a kitchen, light control and appearance are key. For a dining or living room, take into account aesthetics along with light infiltration and the need to protect your furniture.

Before ordering or purchasing shades, decide whether you want to mount them inside the window recess or outside, on the wall or molding, as this affects the size that you need. An inside mount results in a clean appearance and allows you to show off your vinyl windows. An outside mount, however, is ideal when you want to make the window seem larger or hide the framework.

To measure your vinyl windows, use a steel tape measure. Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch. Do not round off the numbers.

Window shades for vinyl windows typically come with metal or plastic brackets for mounting and are fairly easy to install.

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