Window Blinds for Vinyl Windows

October 11, 2010

Choice to Match Your Taste

Investigate what's right for your situation. What type of window is involved? Casement windows have a crank that can get in the way. Windows that tilt or swing inward are another consideration. Installing blinds within the window opening provides a cleaner look and if there's enough space, you're home free. A non-invasive solution involves between-the-glass blinds since they're part of the installation. Many major windows companies like Pella, Andersen, Royal-Tech, etc., offer them, but if you're upgrading it's a non-issue. Otherwise installing blinds outside the window opening will work and might even be your preference.

Attaching Blinds Directly to the Vinyl Frame

The only caveat is that doing so might void your warranty. Holes must be made and screws inserted but any conduction loss is minimal. Vinyl is known to bow due to pressure so knowing the actual frame composition is important. Internet-based advice says it's doable. If you decide for this option, be sure to select blinds that aren't too heavy since vinyl lacks the rigidity of aluminum or wood. A professional might cost more but you gain peace of mind.

Costs for Window Blinds for Vinyl Windows

The cost of most blinds varies in a range of $20 - $120 depending on style (Venetian, Roman, vertical slats, etc.) while between-the-glass prices run $200-$300 since they include the whole window assembly. For firm prices and quotes, your dealer is the key.

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