Window Accessories for Vinyl Windows

October 11, 2010

Vinyl windows come in just as many shapes, sizes, and styles as their wood and metal counterparts, including awning, double-hung, single-hung, casement, geometric, sliding, bay, bow, and more. Windows typically come from the factory with handles, weather stripping, and locks. Sometimes, they include insect screens, which allow you to allow air and light in while keeping out insects.

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Top Window Accessories for Vinyl Windows

Put the finishing touch on your windows with a few well-appointed accessories. When choosing window accessories for vinyl windows, go for the options that increase, safety, comfort, and appearance without draining your budget. Here are some of the top upgrades for vinyl windows:

  • Grilles. Create the appearance of multiple panes on your vinyl windows with grilles that snap on to the frame. Go with a classic rectangular pattern or choose a more artistic interpretation with unique grille styles.
  • Insulated glass. Upgrade the glass in the window itself to styles including tempered glass, textured windows, laminated styles, Low-E argon-filled insulated glass, and more.
  • Safety devices. Remember that a window screen may not protect a child from falling out of a window. Choose among devices like window guards, which screw into the side of a window frame and have bars no more than four inches apart, or opening devices, which allow you to control how wide the windows can be opened.

Further customize your vinyl windows by choosing a unique texture. Manufacturers may offer different frame options for your new or replacement windows, including pocket/block, flush fin, and stucco key frames.

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