How to Repair Vinyl Windows

October 10, 2010

To repair vinyl windows in your home, first determine whether you need to replace the glass, the frame, or the glass and the frame. Most manufacturers sell sash replacement kits (the sash is the movable panel that forms the frame) so you can replace vinyl windows frames without replacing the entire window.

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Replace Vinyl Windows

If you replace the entire window--glass and frame--this is a good time to check caulking and insulation to stop any future leaks.

If you replace the window in the existing frame, you keep the existing vinyl windows frame and replace the sash and window panels. If the windows in your home are slightly out of square, this is a good option.

How to Repair Vinyl Windows

To replace vinyl windows, have the following on hand:

  • Sash replacement kit from manufacturer (if using)
  • Replacement glass
  • Jamb liner (insulation, weather stripping)
  • Caulk
  • Utility or razor knife
  • Screwdriver

To replace the glass, remove the glass carefully from the frame. Slide the new window into the sash, seal with silicone caulk, and slide the unit back into the vinyl frame. The caulk should set within 24 hours. Remove any caulk from the window with rubbing alcohol dabbed on a rag.

If the vinyl window lock is broken, you may be able to just replace the lock mechanism.

Vinyl windows add energy efficiency to your home. It's worth while to regularly maintain them. Learn how to repair vinyl windows--energy savings can pay you back.

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