How To Measure For and Install Vinyl Replacement Windows

December 21, 2009

Vinyl windows have a sterling reputation in the home energy savings community. Both durable and affordable, a vinyl window installation project might even earn you tax credits come April.

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There's no reason to keep putting vinyl window installation off. The only semi-technical skill required for a successful project is knowing how to measure for replacement windows. Do that, and you can take those measurements to your nearest home improvement center to complete the next step.

How to Measure for Replacement Windows

Sharon Sweeny of eHow offers this unusual method to measure for replacement windows without having to remove the entire window frame. It's quirky, but it works:

  1. Drill. Two discreet holes into the top and bottom jambs of the window on the right side; repeat for the middle and left jamb aides
  2. Feed. A wire from top to bottom of the jamb at each point; as you pull the wire out, keep your thumb and finger just above the point of entry into the top hole
  3. Measure. The length of the wire from end to finger level for the left, middle and right jamb sides and record; always use the shortest of the three measurements
  4. Fill. The holes you drilled with caulking just in case you change your mind about the vinyl window installation project or the project gets put on hold

Vinyl Window Installation

There are two schools of thought here: do the job yourself or hire a contractor. The primary benefit of hiring a professional is that the work will typically come with a guarantee. Not only that, but vinyl window installation can be a complex procedure if you have only a rudimentary knowledge of windows.

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