Vinyl Windows: High-Tech, Low-Price, and Insulated

December 07, 2009

It seems that the most important component of any window should be the glass. The frame, though, has quite a part to play. No matter how advanced the glass is, no matter how insulated and efficient, it's useless without a good frame. Enter vinyl windows, the most popular choice of insulated window for homes across the country and around the world.

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How Do Vinyl Windows Do It?

Just what techniques do vinyl windows employ to bring you high levels of efficiency without a ridiculous price tag? These are the two big ones to look for:

  • Multiple Chambers: Dead air space is insulation. Think of a down blanket; it fluffs up to trap air, to insulate. Vinyl windows aren't the only kind of insulated window to use this technique, but since vinyl doesn't conduct heat like, say, aluminum, the use of multiple dead air chambers in the frame works wonderfully. These chambers are welded into the frame around the glass
  • Fusion Welding: The fusion welding techniques used for vinyl windows virtually eliminate any seams between parts of the frame. Rather than thinking of the process as connecting two pieces of insulated window frame, think of it as making those two pieces into one piece. The process makes your vinyl window just as strong at a joint as it is anywhere else

Insulated Vinyl Windows Fit the Bill

Vinyl is an inexpensive material that can be molded, cut, shaped, and textured any way your heart desires. Their versatile nature allows amazing amounts of customization, provided you find a company willing to meet your specifications. As insulated windows, they work just as well or better than windows made from other materials--and they're most often less expensive. On top of these other benefits, insulated vinyl windows offer great sound dampening--and they don't rattle. This isn't cheap plastic; it's vinyl, one of the most advanced materials available for insulated windows.

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