How to Clean Vinyl Windows

October 11, 2010

How frequently you'll clean your vinyl windows depends on variables including climate, environmental conditions, and what happens indoors. Little hand prints and wet pet noses can add to your window cleaning schedule.

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Tips on How to Clean Vinyl Windows: Glass

You can use commercial window cleaning solutions or make your own by using common household ingredients including ammonia, white vinegar and baking soda. The recipes vary, but it's likely that you'll want to dilute ammonia with water due to its strong and toxic fumes. If you're using a commercial window cleaner, read the instructions before applying the product to your window glass. Many household cleaners are sold in concentrated form and applying the product full strength may cause streaks. Polishing windows with old newspapers leaves them streak-free. Using non-abrasive fabric is also an option. Dish towels designed for drying glassware can work well.

Many vinyl windows have multiple window panes. Use as little solution as necessary for cleaning your window panes, and don't leave any cleaning product on your vinyl windows. Proper drying after cleaning vinyl windows reduces the risk of moisture condensation between glass panes.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Windows: Frames

Wiping down your vinyl window frames with household cleaners that are compatible with vinyl is all it takes to remove most dirt and grime from vinyl window frames. Before cleaning your vinyl windows the first time, read the window manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for cleaning your windows. This is important for preserving your warranty and preventing damage to your vinyl windows. One reason why vinyl windows are easy to care for is that they aren't finished. The frame color is uniform throughout, so scratches and blemishes won't show as much as with finished surfaces such as wood.

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