Vinyl vs Aluminum Windows: Which Is Better for Your Home?

July 17, 2010

If your home remodeling plans include an exterior face lift, you must evaluate the condition and quality of your home's windows, as they are one exterior element that can create a distinct and unique-looking home. Installing new windows can upgrade the look of your home and improve its energy efficiency and performance.

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When deciding which type of new windows to purchase for your remodeling project, consider window costs, window styles, and window material options. While there are a variety of materials available, many homeowners choose to compare the aesthetics of vinyl vs. aluminum windows.

Comparing Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows

  • If you want a splash of color on your home's exterior, window frames are an excellent place to introduce that bold visual statement. Unfortunately, vinyl windows are only available in limited colors, such as white and almond, and cannot be easily painted. On the other hand, aluminum windows are available in a plethora of colors, many of which are baked on to the aluminum frames, resulting in a durable, fade-resistant finish.
  • Aluminum windows often are used on commercial buildings and contemporary homes that incorporate glass and steel in their design and construction. The metallic look and feel of aluminum windows suits this type of construction well, but many people don't want this aesthetic for other styles of homes.
  • Most vinyl window frames are not as strong as aluminum frames, therefore vinyl frames must be thicker in order to have the same strength, resulting in a vinyl window with less glass than a similarly sized aluminum window. The superior strength of aluminum windows also means they are available in larger sizes than standard vinyl windows.

While there are other components to consider when comparing vinyl vs. aluminum windows, the aesthetics of the different frames are the most visually obvious, and this is what people see when they look at the outside of your newly remodeled home. Fortunately, both types of windows can accommodate glass which has all the latest energy-efficient features and qualities, and the window costs can be similar.

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