Common Thermal Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Thermal windows are a type of window construction that can allow for better energy conservation if you have drafty home windows or single pane windows. The technology behind thermal windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home and possibly cut down on maintenance.

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Most Common Thermal Windows Sizes

Because the thermal window is a type of window, you can get thermal windows in many different common styles including casement, double hung, single hung, bow, and garden. Even bay windows, which are usually energy offenders because of their size, are available as thermal windows. Because of the variety of the styles of thermal windows and the fact that no common window size exists for each of these styles, there aren't common thermal windows sizes.

Though windows tend to come in 6-inch increments, there's no rule to window sizes outside of requirements for egress windows. Egress windows, which are windows people can fit through in case of an emergency, must be at least 20 inches high and 24 inches wide (with a net clear opening of 5.7 square feet, or 5 feet for ground-floor bedrooms). You may find thermal window sizes that meet these minimums.

Window manufacturers have their own standard sizes. If you're replacing your home's windows, check to see if you can find the manufacturer. Though thermal window manufacturers tend to specialize in thermal windows, you might get lucky and find that the manufacturer of your current windows has thermal windows in the same size.

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