Thermal Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

The key selling point of thermal windows is the energy efficiency they provide. Prices for thermal windows can vary widely depending upon the various features that make up the thermal efficiency.

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Thermal Windows Bring Costs Down

Thermal windows are always made up of at least two panes of glass, but might hold three or more. The use of double-pane or triple-pane thermal windows can decrease your heating and cooling bills by as much as 30 percent. That cost savings can balance the initial purchase price of your thermal windows by generating more savings in the long run.

Thermal Windows Prices and Costs

The cost of replacement windows varies depending upon the type of material used. For instance, wood and steel frames are more costly than aluminum or vinyl frames. Typical replacement windows average from $300 to $700 per window, though some high-end windows can go for as much as $1,000 per window, including installation.

If your existing window frames are rotted or damaged and must be rebuilt, the cost can go up by as much as 100 percent, making thermal windows replacement a much more expensive endeavor. Expanding the existing window area to accommodate larger windows can also add to the cost. Disposal of old windows is usually included in the installation estimate, but double-check with the window installation contractor to be sure.

For a home with ten windows, the cost for complete replacement could be as little as $3,000, or could run as high as $10,000 or more. If thermal windows have to be built with new frames, the cost could rise to as high as $50,000, depending upon the size and complexity of the job.

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