Window Accessories for Thermal Windows

October 11, 2010

Make your new or replacement thermal windows truly yours by outfitting them with the latest accessories designed to express your personal style. Focus on the details of your windows and complete your home upgrade today.

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Top Window Accessories for Thermal Windows

Accessories complete your window in style and enhance its appearance, function, and security. Browse among the top window accessories and learn more about current styles. Take a look at these popular accessories for new or replacement thermal windows:

  • Grilles. Give your window a more traditional look by installing grille patterns designed to simulate multiple panes. Colonial, fractional, and prairie grilles each offer a different classic style, while custom patterns give you a more unique look.
  • Insect screens. Keep your fresh air flowing with screens that offer ventilation while protecting you against seasonal insects.
  • Window hardware. Customize down to the details with beautiful hardware. Choose among different metal styles for locks, keepers, sash lifts, and handles.
  • Opening control devices. These smart little accessories attach to the side of your window and control how high the window can be opened. Increase your window's security from the inside out.

When choosing window accessories for thermal windows, it's important to think about elements like comfort, safety, and price. Window grilles can range from $60 for a small window to $300 for a larger custom model. Insect screens, devices, and hardware cost significantly less, but prices range based on material quality and manufacturer. Explore different brands to find the right accessories for your demands and budget.

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