How to Clean Thermal Windows

October 11, 2010

Thermal windows are found in most modern homes and businesses. These windows are energy efficient, attractive, and easy to clean. Thermal windows do not require expensive commercial cleaning solutions or special equipment. All you need to clean them is common household glass cleaner, a roll of paper towels, and a little time.

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How to Clean Thermal Windows

  • Remove loose debris. Bird droppings, spider webs, and dried leaves should be cleaned off both the outside and the inside of the glass and sills.
  • Safety first. When working on the outside of your windows ensure you have protection from dangers like power lines. Ladders should set firmly on even ground and not be leaned on the glass or on the wall just above the windows.
  • Spray the window. Glass cleaner should be liberally sprayed onto the window.
  • Wipe off the dirt and smudges. A paper towel removes the cleaner and dislodged dirt, stains, and fingerprint smudges.
  • Open the windows. Clean out the grooves and inside edges.
  • Repeat the process if needed.

Most windows need to have this process repeated at least twice before the glass sparkles. Windows that are extremely soiled may need to be sprayed and wiped with a paper towel several times to achieve optimum results.

Tips You Should Know

A few short-cuts can save you time and energy. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Aerosol cans occasionally clog. Use a pin to clean out the nozzle of your spray cleaner.
  • Save on paper towels. Used paper towels are great for the first wiping on the next window.
  • Squeegee the out-of-reach windows. A long-handled squeegee efficiently wipes the cleaner off windows you can't otherwise reach. Wrap a paper towel around the squeegee to dry the glass.

Knowing how to clean thermal windows makes your home look its best. Clean your windows at least twice a year, or more often if needed.

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