Top Storm Window Styles

October 10, 2010

If you need more energy-efficient windows in your home, but don't want to purchase replacement windows, consider storm windows. You can install storm windows on the exterior or interior of your home to add an additional layer of protection against home heat loss and unwanted outside noise.

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Top storm windows styles include:

  • Picture Windows: A simple fixed pane of glass which is designed to be installed over an existing picture window, this style of storm window can protect historical stained-glass windows or other architectural gems. You can also install this storm window style, seasonally, over an operable window that remains unopened during the winter.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Slider: This style of operable storm window is best suited for installation over an existing single hung or sliding window. These are also ideal for bedrooms which need year-round emergency ingress and egress through windows which open.
  • Piggy-Back Windows: Like the name implies, these storm windows attach directly to the exterior frames of casement windows. So, the window can operate when you turn the casement crank.
  • Exterior Top Hinge: Similar to an awning window, these storm windows are hinged at the top and when pushed outwards at the bottom, they open just enough to allow some fresh air into your home.

Most top storm windows styles are available with wood or aluminum frames. So, you can match the aesthetic of your home. Choosing an outside mounted storm window is ideal if you want to add a fresh crisp look to your home's exterior. Inside mounted storm windows may be better if you want to maintain the traditional look of your home.

According to Internet sources, storm windows cost about $30 and up.

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