Storm Window Prices and Costs

October 10, 2010

Storm windows prices and costs can vary widely, depending upon the type of storm window you need, the materials used for the frame, and whether the storm windows are removable or permanent installations. It is important to assess your needs by getting at least three on-site quotes from window contractors before you make the final decision about which storm windows you actually need.

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Types and Prices of Storm Windows

The most inexpensive storm windows are those that fit on the inside of the window, attach easily within a few minutes, and provide minimal protection and energy efficiency. These often come with temporary mounting brackets that can be removed with the seasons and don't leave permanent marks on your windows. These storm windows can be made with a wide variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

The most expensive storm windows are those that affix permanently to the exterior of your home and match the original window in both color and style. Expensive storm windows are offered with all types of materials for the frame, including steel, fiberglass, and the more common wood, aluminum, or vinyl.

Storm Windows Prices and Costs

Storm windows are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit all standards windows, and can be customized to fit windows that don't fall within the typical size range. Expect to pay as little as $60 dollars or less for a 60x30 interior storm window, or as much as $200 for an exterior storm window.

Custom window sizes and options, such as sliding screens, can drive the cost up further. Extended warranties of five to ten years might add a bit to storm windows prices and costs.

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