Storm Window Installers and Contractors

October 10, 2010

The modern storm windows offered today are created to remain in place throughout the year. They come in stock and custom sizes for your home. In order for them to fit snugly and safely over slider, picture, double-hung, or basement windows, you'll need expert installation. That means you'll need to evaluate installers and window contractors to ensure that they have specific experience with storm windows.

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A storm window contractor knows how to fit the windowsill edge correctly to prevent condensation or mold. A good quality aluminum storm window costs about $160, installed. Shop around for estimates and follow these directions to hire the best installer for your home:

Reviewing Installers Credentials and Storm Window Expertise

1. If you're shopping for storm windows, it means you live in a climate where it's common to have them. Perhaps you know people from work, or local family members that have had them installed. Ask around your neighborhood for recommendations of contractors and window products. Look over the job and ask for a ballpark cost. Ask for a reference and if the job was done according to the precise terms of the contract. How have the windows fared through rough weather?

2. When you call prospective contractors, ask if they hold a certification from The Association of Window Dealers. Certified installers know the products and procedures necessary to meet manufacturer's specifications.

3. Your state Better Business Bureau keeps records on window contractors, including license suspensions and consumer complaints. It's a good way to avoid the wrong installers.

4. Get at least three estimates in writing from contractors and ask to see their license and proof of insurance.

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