Top Storm Window Colors

October 10, 2010

Storm windows can and do provide protection against heat and cold. The term "storm" also implies resistance to bad weather. They can be installed internally or externally depending on the type of windows they're meant to beef up. The main materials nowadays are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. All are lightweight and provide an extra barrier against unwanted temperatures. They can all add beauty, now that top storm windows colors are available to brighten what essentially is meant to be a cover-up job.

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The anodizing process used with aluminum treats the metal to accept special permanent colors. Storm window colors tend to the serious side and vary from dark, to light, up through red and blue hues. Storm window colors on wood and vinyl cover an even wider range since the paint industry can come up with almost any shade of storm window colors you can think up.

Storm windows are usually easy to install since they cover a predetermined area. There's no excuse for slap-dash work though and measurements should be precise. Even when storm windows aren't meant to reduce radiation and heat conduction at Energy Star® standards, ill-fitting storm windows will let air in and out exactly opposite to your comfort needs.

Storm windows are usually the cheapest solution to ventilation and weather problems. Considering the almost unlimited selection of storm window colors available, they represent a great project for the do-it-yourself fan.

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