Window Blinds for Storm Windows

October 10, 2010

Storm windows offer a great way to reduce energy loss and keep a house comfortable during extreme weather conditions. By adding window blinds for storm windows, you'll magnify the insulating value and enhance the look as well.

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There are many types of window blinds for storm windows, so base your selection on your climate and the character of your windows. Here are a few ideas:

  • In hot climates, try white window shades, blinds or drapes to reflect heat away from the house. Most shades and blinds pull down, but there are blind that offer a "top down" function to enhance privacy at window level.
  • When outfitting windows that are still drafty with storm windows, use tight-fitting shades with built in insulation.
  • Look to the configuration of your windows and framing to determine if interior or exterior storm windows offer the best protection.
  • Close shades, blinds, and drapes at night; open them during the day and let the sun warm the space. This is particularly important on the south side of the house.

Installing Window Blinds for Storm Windows

Window blinds are easy to install and typically require drilling into the window framing or mounting a bracket above the storm window. For full coverage, mount the blind outside of the frame, as it will block air infiltration around the frame.

Window Blinds for Storm Windows: Pricing

Window blind prices vary by the size, style, and manufacturer. Vinyl and aluminum blinds are the most economical, with wood and fabric blinds adding more to the cost. Plan to spend $25 to $50 per window for small spaces and around $150 to $200 for larger windows.

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