Window Accessories for Storm Windows

October 10, 2010

You'll find many window accessories for storm windows which actually have a useful dual purpose. For example, storm stays work as a hinge to tightly close and seal windows for a draft-free fit. During nicer weather, the hardware extends, propping the sash open and allowing for extra ventilation. The strongest stainless steel stays can run you about $25 for a set of two.

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Bad Weather Window Accessories for Storm Windows

The largest purpose of storm windows is to stay strong in a storm, and there are plenty of accessories to help you meet that goal. Take a look at a few popular bad weather window accessories:

  • Hurricane window clips. These simple clips fit inside the window casing and hold plywood, removing the need to nail boards, drill holes, or ruin your siding. Look to spend about $35 for a 20-piece set of clips.
  • Storm sash hangers. Another way to protect your windows from violent storms is these smart hangers, which mount at the top of your windows and hang temporary sashes. The hanger hardware typically costs less than $5 per set.
  • Storm snap fasteners. Used with sash hangers, these small pieces are used to hold storm and screen windows in place. Fasteners should be less than $1 a piece.

The price estimates above represent ballpark figures based on hardware prices that will fluctuate based on season and location. Explore accessories for your storm windows, and learn how you can fuse style, security, and safety.

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