How to Repair Storm Windows

October 10, 2010

Storm windows keep your home dry and cozy in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer. If they are working properly that is. There comes a time in every home owner's life, however, when we have to face repairing storm windows.

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Basic Fixes

A common problem facing homeowners learning how to repair storm windows is the problem of spacing. If its just that the storm window has gotten out of its most functional alignment, it is easier to recruit some help. Once you and your assistant are ready, remove the screws that hold the storm window in the frame. One of you needs to hold the window in place while this is underway. Once the screws are removed, have your partner adjust the window until everything is flush inside the frame and moving appropriately on the tracks. When you've finished repositioning the window, replace the screws and you're on your way.

How to Repair Storm Windows with Glazing Issues

If you've got storm windows with broken, scratched, or chipped glazing, you want to remove them so you can replace the glazing entirely for the best looking result.

Start by removing the screens and storm sashes from the windows. When you're able to access the window, remove the existing glazing. It should come up easily, unless it is secured by screws to the frame, in which case you need to remove the screws. You may need to use an awl to help you get the glazing free of the window.

Once the old glazing is gone, your new glazing is ready to go in. Make sure the new glazing you purchase is 2mm smaller than the dimensions of your window, to allow for expansion and contraction with temperature and conditions. Once you've secured the glass, apply the glazing, pressing it carefully into the frames. Be sure to reassemble the corners from the storm windows, so that they fit flush with the frame. Once the corners are reattached, you have a storm window that is ready for anything winter can throw at it.

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