How to Clean Storm Windows

October 10, 2010

Storm windows can have wood, vinyl, or aluminum frames; can be installed on the interior or exterior of existing windows; and can be made of polycarbonate plastic, acrylics, Plexiglas, and laminated glass. You can either clean storm windows in place or remove them.

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Removing Storm Windows for Cleaninig

You may want to label storm windows so you can put them back in the same places. Remove storm windows carefully--they may be heavier than you think. If possible get someone to help.

  • For frames that have been painted over, you may need a utility or putty knife.
  • Storm windows with warped or swollen frames may be difficult to remove.
  • For glass windows, check for chips or cracks that could weaken the glass and cause it to shatter when you remove the window.

Cleaning Storm Windows After Removal

You can lean the windows against a wall to make cleaning easier but make sure not to apply too much pressure when cleaning or you can break them. Because some storm window materials can scratch easily, be careful when scrubbing them clean.

Spray one side of the window with cleaner, use crumpled paper towels or newspaper (newspaper leaves fewer streaks) and wipe vertically until dry. Flip the window around, repeat the spray-and-wipe process, this time using horizontal strokes. Once it is dry, check for streaks and re-clean, if necessary.

How to Clean Storm Windows Without Removing

Clean the inside of the storm windows first, using the same cleaning technique indicated above. For the outside, use a broom to brush debris from the windows. Secure a wet towel around the broom and scrub the windows. Spray them with a hose, then dry them with a clean, dry towel. If your storm windows are out of your broom's reach, use an extendable window cleaner or squeegee or bring out your trusty ladder and be careful.

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