Top Steel Window Styles

October 10, 2010

When you're looking at a window, do you want to see the frame or the view? Steel windows offer narrow sightlines that make the outdoors your main attraction, not your window frame. That aesthetically pleasing quality has drawn architects to steel windows for years, but steel windows offer even more benefits:

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  • Strength and durability: Steel is three times stronger than aluminum, and doesn't distort or warp with age, like wood or vinyl. Many European buildings that are more than 100 years old still retain their original steel windows and doors, providing a classic, timeless look to the material.
  • Advanced seals and glass: Homeowners restoring steel windows in historic homes can keep the look of steel with the added function and efficiency of advanced seals and glass.
  • Appearance: Steel windows offer a classic look that's easily updated with modern technology.
  • Durability: Without the warping and rotting present in other materials, steel windows mix form and function.

Beyond their durability and beauty, top steel windows styles offer a broad range of application:

  • Fire-rated steel windows provide added protection
  • Security steel windows meet high standards for strength, without sacrificing function or quality.

Steel is often the most expensive window material, and, by some estimates, costs about four times more than aluminum. Internet sources quote steel windows at about $800 per window.

But, if you're looking for longevity, durability, and a streamlined appearance, consider these top steel windows styles for your home.

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