Window Shades for Steel Windows

October 10, 2010

When selecting window shades, it's important to know what material will support the hardware for your window shades. Although your windows may have steel frames, the opening for the window may be framed in wood or other material. If the opening itself is framed in steel, special hardware and tools will be required for properly installing your window shades. These can include drills, drill bits, screws, fasteners, and anchors. Using the right materials for installing your window shades can help prevent problems later.

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When choosing window shades for steel windows, a primary consideration is your decor, and how you want your window treatments to complement it. Steel windows can look sleek and industrial, or may enhance traditional decor. Another factor is function. How do you want your window shades to work? Here are some examples:

Blocking light and providing privacy. Select insulated window shades such as cellular shades or Roman shades with privacy inserts or backing.

Filtering direct sunlight and reducing sun damage. Sunscreen window shades filter sunlight without compromising your view to the outdoors. Sunscreen shades are a good choice for offices or rooms where privacy isn't a priority. Sunscreen shades provide a clean, modern appearance that complements steel windows and can help prevent sun damage to furniture and carpeting.

Softening the appearance of steel windows. Fabric window shades, including Roman shades and custom-made window shades can enhance your decor while lessening the hard lines of your steel windows. Patterned fabric shades and valances made with soft geometric or floral fabrics can help with rendering the lines of steel windows less harsh.

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