Steel Window Installers and Contractors

October 10, 2010

If you've selected steel replacement windows for your home, you should evaluate installers carefully. Not all window contractors have the same level of expertise with steel. There are key steps for getting bids and choosing the right installers for your project.

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Steel windows can be installed into structural openings of masonry, wood, structural steel, or brick. It's important that your prospective contractors have experience with hot and cold-rolled windows, since the glazing differs by product. And be sure that your installers use anchor straps provided by the window manufacturer.

Insist on Reviewing Installers Credentials and Track Record

1. If you know family, neighbors, or friends who have had a positive experience installing steel windows in their homes, ask them for a referral. Ask if the job was done on time, within budget, and that the windows have held up under use. See if you can visit to examine the work that was done.

2. The Association of Window Dealers and Installers offers certifications to contractors based on testing their skills and adherence to manufacturer's guidelines. Ask your prospective installers if they hold a certification.

3. Your state government may maintain a listing of contractors and specific consumer complaints. Or check with your state's Better Business Bureau to look for consumer feedback on steel window installers.

4. Get at least three estimates in writing from contractors and ask to see their license, if they have stationery, a sign on their truck, and a physical address for their business. Installers can prepare a sample contract with materials and labor estimates, time to completion, start dates, and warranties.

Depending on the window size and material, you can expect to pay between $150 and $200 per window.

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