Top Steel Window Colors

October 10, 2010

Not only is steel a durable and versatile material for window frames, it can also be molded to reflect almost any period of history be it colonial, historical, modern, or just plain weird. Top steel windows colors can add to the overall design and vary from a basic silvery shine, to sculpted, weathered, or simply bright colors. Steel window colors can also be changed according to your mood and judgment calls as your taste matures. Architects have shown a preference for steel windows given their stability and the ability to last for long periods without appreciable maintenance.

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Within a dwelling, the use of steel windows works toward giving you better sight lines, a situation where windows are placed in such a way as to allow an optimum and unobstructed view of the outside. This is where steel window colors become more meaningful. Not only that, you can have one compatible color on the inside and a completely different one on the outside.

The companies, Crittall and Optimum Windows, lead the pack in coverage and variety. Your steel window colors get baked on using a special powder coating that's easier to apply and outlasts paint. Steel windows tend to be pricey but considering the extra value they bring, including a fantastic selection of top steel windows colors, they give special meaning to the term "upscale."

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