Window Accessories for Steel Windows

October 10, 2010

You're probably already aware of the benefits of steel windows. For one, the strength of steel means that the windows themselves can be made with a very low profile. Because of this, window accessories for steel windows are often less bulky than those for traditional wood or vinyl windows.

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Basic Window Accessories for Steel Windows

Think of appearance, function, and budget when choosing accessories that fit with your steel windows. Steel is built to last, and your accessories should offer the same long-lasting quality.

  • Glass. Accessorize your windows starting with the glass inside. For example, insulated fire rated glass adds strength and safety.
  • Finish. Give your steel the look of aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, or nickel with a finish that matches its surroundings.
  • Hardware. From hinges to handles, these essential accessories keep your windows in good working order.
  • Screens: Insect screens crafted with stainless steel offer a look and strength that matches your new or replacement windows.

Steel Windows Safety Accessories

The material strength of steel makes it an excellent choice for the safety-conscious. Further accessorize your steel windows with safety upgrades like these:

  • Guards. Keep intruders out or children in with steel bars and guards that install inside or outside the home.
  • Locks. Browse bolts, secondary locks, and sash locks made from steel and designed to withstand an aggressive intruder.

Seek out steel window accessory manufacturers for more information on products available. Whether you're upgrading an older window or customizing a new product, accessories offer a finishing touch that makes your windows truly yours.

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