How to Clean Steel Windows

October 10, 2010

If you want to know how to quickly clean your steel windows, just follow these three simple steps:

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  1. Spray Windex, or a similar glass cleaner, onto each pane of glass, working from the top of the window to the bottom. Clean the outside of each window and then work on the inside.
  2. Wipe away all the glass cleaner with a lint-free rag, scrubbing in a circular motion. Clean the center of the window pane first and then wipe clean all four sides of the pane. To avoid streaks and spots, make sure that you wipe all the glass cleaner from the window immediately after you apply it.
  3. When tackling really dirty windows, you may need to use a flat razor knife to scrape off stubborn muck and goo. Make sure that you angle the blade and work gently to avoid scratching the glass or damaging the window frame.

Steel Windows Need Extra Care On The Outside

Although most new steel windows are protected with a baked on finish, it is important to wash the exterior frames with soap and water every now and then. If you have older windows that have some spots of rust or corrosion, you can try using some fine steel wool to gently clean the surface of the frame. Window manufacturers should have touch up paint available, or you can use an exterior grade paint recommended for metal surfaces.

Knowing how to clean your steel windows is important when keeping them looking their best, and occasionally inspecting your windows for damage can help keep them working properly. Periodically lubricate any springs, latches, or other operable parts with some WD-40, and inspect the rubber gaskets and seals for damage to ensure that they remain weather tight. With regular cleaning and maintenance you can have a clear view and expect years of trouble free performance from your steel windows.

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