Top Soundproof Window Styles

October 11, 2010

According to some estimates, more than 90 percent of noise that affects homes comes through doors and windows. But, soundproof windows can eliminate 75 to 95 percent of that noise. Soundproof windows are typically added as a second layer of glass behind your regular windows.

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Top soundproof windows styles keep noise out of your living environment in various ways:

  • They may feature lamination, with an interior layer of PVB plastic acting as a noise barrier
  • An air pocket between your existing window and the soundproof window may act as another barrier, because the frame is protected from vibrations by the air
  • Spring-loaded seals in the frame can keep noise from vibrating through the glass

Soundproof windows typically come with aluminum frames, which more effectively reduce noise levels. Vinyl is not as effective. To perform as well as aluminum, vinyl window frames would have to be much thicker than they typically are. And, a thicker frame results in less air between windows, which is also associated with less noise reduction.

Soundproof windows don't require any alteration to existing windows, and are often touted as "invisible" additions to the window frame.

Top soundproof window styles include:

  • Sliders
  • Casement
  • Picture
  • Double-hung

Soundproof windows usually open and close like existing windows, allow access to the existing window, and can be removed. When installed in combination with double-paned windows, the sound resistance can be even more effective than the soundproof windows alone.

Soundproof windows may also resist color-fading UV light, hold up to earthquakes, improve insulation versus dual-pane windows, deter break-ins, and provide easy installation.

According to Internet sources, top soundproof windows styles cost about $800.

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