Common Soundproof Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

The nature of the use of soundproof windows prevents there from being a standardized size that will fit every need. Common soundproof windows sizes vary considerably in both surface area and thickness. It may be safe to say that nearly every soundproof window is customized to some extent because of the diverse situations in which consumers put them to work.

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Factors Involving Soundproof Window Sizes

The only common soundproof window sizes are the glass sizes used in most interior and exterior doors and windows. In reality the sizes of typical doors and windows are notoriously inconsistent. This is the reason laminated soundproof glass is so often customized to meet existing frames.

It's also difficult to find common soundproof window sizes because the thickness of the glass varies. Sound vibrations travel through thin glass more easily than through thicker glass.

Uses for Laminated Soundproof Glass

Soundproof glass is in demand for a number of reasons.

  • Prevention of noise pollution. Keeping the noise of outdoor traffic and industry out where it belongs is important to many home and business owners. Soundproof glass greatly minimizes the amount of noise that is heard inside from highways, trains, and busy retail stores.
  • Security and durability. Soundproof glass resists breakage from neighborhood softball players and errant BB gun shooters. Thick laminated soundproof glass is constructed to survive even direct assaults by burglars.
  • Privacy. Businesses and homeowners value their privacy and appreciate keeping outside noise interference to a minimum. Those wishing to keep what is being discussed inside the office can do so with soundproof glass.

Soundproof Windows Sizes Made to Order

Soundproof windows are ordered through home improvement retail outlets, builders, and directly from the manufacturer. Instructions on how to properly measure an opening are available from retail and wholesale outlets.

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