Window Shades for Soundproof Windows

October 11, 2010

Selecting and installing window shades for soundproof windows depends on several factors including:

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The configuration of your windows. Whether you mount your window shades inside , on, or above your window frames depends on the structure and functionality of your windows. If your windows are soundproofed with plastic inserts, you'll want to make sure the shades aren't displaced by any additional window layers. Soundproof windows constructed with multiple panes may allow for more options, as their soundproofing is contained within the original window structure.

Results desired of your window shades. How you expect your window shades to function over soundproof windows assists with determining your selection. Do you need additional soundproofing, or do you need to filter light? Is privacy an important factor? These and other questions can help with choosing the right window shades for soundproof windows.

Style preferences. Window shades add to your interior decor and can cover a significant surface area when closed. Styles of window shades that can accommodate and enhance the performance of soundproof windows include:

  • Cellular or honeycomb windows shades. The structure of these shades provides an insulating layer that insulates against heat, cold, and noise. Although intended to provide filtered light through translucent fabric, cellular shades are also available with a Mylar layer, which supplies privacy.
  • Roman shades. Roman shades suit a variety of decorative schemes. You can purchase Roman shades with cellular shade liners invisible to the eye. This liner enhances energy efficiency and sound insulation, and can help reduce noise penetrating your home.

Shopping and comparing window shades for soundproof windows is useful for identifying products suited to soundproof windows.

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