Top Soundproof Window Colors

October 10, 2010

If exterior noise like traffic, overhead aircraft, crowds, or urban settings is more than you can bear, soundproofing your windows can make life a lot sweeter without breaking the bank. Windows are a weak link when controlling exterior sound. The positive side of making your home more soundproof is that window replacement isn't necessary. You merely attach a second, specially-treated pane over the original and you get rid of around 80% or more of the noise.

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This technique beats double-paned windows since sound vibrations aren't too well-damped with the double-paned variety. The special soundproofing pane comes with a polyvinyl inner layer that absorbs sound vibrations while providing an inner layer of air to enhance protection against heat leakage and unwelcome radiation.

Such an addition can make the installation easier on the eye. There are many soundproof window colors available to please the most design-conscious among you. That's right. Companies offering a solid product and top soundproof windows colors such as Soundproof Windows (actual name), Citiquiet, Citiproof, and others can ship the required panes for the do-it-yourself homeowner. The variety of colors is extensive.

Prices range between $350 and $900 for windows in the 3'x5' range and most designs comply with Energy Star® guidelines so both energy savings and government rebates figure in the equation. Soundproof windows colors can add just that extra touch you're looking for.

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