Window Blinds for Soundproof Windows

October 11, 2010

Soundproof windows are ideal for those who want to block noise from a busy street or loud neighbors. One dilemma, however is how to add window blinds for soundproof windows. While there is a perception that window blinds are a challenge in this scenario, there are ways to add them.

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Installing Soundproof Windows

First, take a look at the various ways soundproof windows are installed, as this affects how the blinds can be hung. One approach is to add soundproof windows inserts on top of the existing windows. This allows for the window blinds to be hung in the middle, between the old and the new windows.

Aside from the lower construction costs, one benefit of this type of installation is that the blinds are sealed in place and do not have to be cleaned. And, look for a versatile style as you will be leaving them in place for awhile.,

Another approach is to have new windows installed that have soundproofing features. In that case, many standard window blinds with horizontal slats can do the trick.

Types of Window Blinds for Soundproof Windows

Window blinds for soundproof windows are made of several materials--from vinyl or aluminum to fabric blinds that add some texture. Blinds add visual appeal, but also can help absorb unwanted sound. The thickness of the blind can affect the soundproofing, so look at the blind and the window as a complete package.

The cost of window blinds for soundproof windows will vary based on the size and material, but can range from $15 to $50 per window.

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