Window Accessories for Soundproof Windows

October 11, 2010

Soundproof windows can be a great replacement window choice whether you have a city townhome or a cozy bungalow in the country, but you don't have to sacrifice appearance for function; there is a wide range of window accessories for soundproof windows that can help them look and perform their best in any application.

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Window Accessories for Soundproof Windows can Aid Appearance and Function

Your primary reason for choosing soundproof replacement windows might be to keep noise out, but there are some accessories that can help your windows keep a few other intrusions at bay as well. Functional window accessories for soundproof windows include:

  • Screens..There may be times you want your soundproof windows open to allow fresh air in, and screens can help keep insects out.
  • Storm panels..Storm panels can help your soundproof windows become even more energy efficient, and panels with Low-E glass can assist with keeping radiant heat to a minimum.
  • Sill guards..Sill guards can be installed prior to setting the windows to help prevent water intrusion.
  • Jamb extensions..Jamb extensions allow your soundproof windows to fit any exterior wall thickness and can help make trimming your windows easy even if you have a custom application

Accessories are also available to help your soundproof windows fit with your home's decor or any new design you may have in mind. Some soundproof window companies offer grill options for their windows allowing you to choose from various grill patterns and either snap out or between the panes grill locations. You may be able to choose designer hardware for your soundproof windows and match window locks, lifts, and handles to your interior door locks or bath hardware.

Most soundproof window accessories are very reasonably priced, and even the more expensive options such as storm panels may pay for themselves with the energy costs they can help save.

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