How to Install Soundproof Windows

October 11, 2010

Soundproof windows offer a variety of unique benefits. If your home is situated in a high traffic area, soundproof windows work to reduce noise pollution. They also improve the resale value of your home should you ever put it on the market.

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How to Install Soundproof Windows in 6 Steps:

1. Prepping the Rough Opening

Mark the outline of the rough opening on the siding outside the soundproof windows' locations. Drive nails through at the corners from the inside to mark placement. Use a saw to cut through the siding and sheathing along the lines. Hold the soundproof windows in place, mark its dimensions, and cut again through the siding only.

2. Applying the Moisture Seal

Apply 8-inch-wide strips of moisture seal around the outside of the window opening. Then slide them behind the siding. Fold the moisture seal back over the rough framing and then staple it securely. Ensure that the strips stop just before the inside edge of the opening.

3. Installing the Shims

Place and level pairs of shims at the base of the rough opening. To prevent the shims from splitting, drill pilot holes and nail them with two 6D nails each. Complete this step by cutting the shims flush with the exterior wall.

4. Setting the Soundproof Windows

Center the window in the opening. While holding the window in place, partially drive a nail through the flange or trim at one of the top corners. Check to make sure the window is level.

5. Securing the Window

Nail on the outside trim and caulk the joints between the siding and the soundproof windows liberally.

6. The Finishing Touches

Drive 8D finishing nails into the trimmer studs through the jamb and each set of shims. Place insulation in the space between the jambs and trimmer studs. Finally, cut shims flush with the wall, and install the trim.

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