How to Clean Soundproof Windows

October 11, 2010

Soundproof windows can not only reduce noise but also increase insulation and reduce the UV light rays that pass through your windows. You have two options--have replacement windows installed or have soundproof inserts installed in the same frame as your existing windows. Some inserts open and close the same way your other windows do, which makes cleaning them fairly easy. You may have to remove other types of inserts when it's time to clean them.

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Cleaning Soundproof Windows

To clean soundproof windows, remove "removable" inserts or open inserts that open and close and simply spray glass cleaner on the interior and wipe the cleaner off with a squeegee. Place the squeegee at the top of the window and work down so that any runoff does not go across the section you just cleaned. Then wipe the squeegee to remove any trace of the cleaner before placing it on the window again. Follow the same process to clean the exterior.

Alternate Cleaning Process for Soundproof Windows

Some people dry the glass with paper towels, but that can leave tiny pieces of paper on the glass that can be tedious to remove. If you don't have a squeegee, coffee filters are a better option. Work in straight lines going up and down and periodically step back a few feet to look at the window from different angles and check for streaks. Keep a plastic bag handy to dispose of debris.

If you prefer not to use commercial glass cleaner, a mixture of hot water and dishwashing detergent is an excellent option. It is more environmentally friendly and less expensive than glass cleaner.

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