Top Skylight Styles

October 11, 2010

Skylights can be a great way to let natural light into any room with a roof directly overhead or you may find that watching the night sky over your bed is even better than counting sheep to fall asleep. Skylights can be used alone, in pairs, or even lined up across a room to really brighten up a dark space. You can choose fixed panel or ventilating skylights that can be opened with manual or remote controls depending on whether you want the option of allowing fresh air into your home. Both types of skylights are available in various styles for residential use.

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Top Skylights Styles

Most skylights are designed to fit between roof trusses that are about 24 inches apart and skylights can vary in their length and the depth to their glass panels based on where they're located on your roof. An exception to this is the tubular skylight that is similar to looking at the sky through a round hole. The main differences in skylight styles are often seen at your exterior roof line where the skylights can be almost invisible or create a visual accent. Some top skylights styles you may want to consider are:

  • Flat--these are barely visible above your roof surface and can be very inconspicuous
  • Domed--a little taller than flat and with a rounded glass surface that can easily dispense snow and rain
  • Round--these skylights start to become architectural details on your roof line especially at night
  • Pyramid--just as the name sounds; these are triangular glass panels that can look great on a modern roof-line

Whether you want your skylights to blend in or become a major part of the exterior architectural details of your house, one of these top skylights styles should be just what you need to bring the sun and stars into your home.

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