Skylight Installers and Contractors

October 11, 2010

Finding reputable installers for your skylights is pretty important if you don't want to discover puddles on your floors after a heavy rain. Good skylights installers and contractors not only have to be skilled at installing skylights; they also have to be proficient at roofing work. However, finding good skylight installers is fairly easy if you know where to look and follow these simple guidelines.

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Finding Skylights Installers and Contractors for your Home

Don't make the expensive mistake of thinking that everyone who can install windows should be able to install your skylights. Many window contractors do an outstanding job as skylight installers, but not in every case and if you follow these tips, you should be able to find reputable skylights installers and contractors for your home.

  1. Referrals. Skylights are fairly common and chances are a family member, friend, or neighbor has had skylights installed in their home; find out who installed them and if there have been any subsequent problems.
  2. Reputation. Don't just rely on referrals for a contractor's reputation; check online and with the local Better Business Bureau for any potential issues.
  3. Licenses. Never allow any contractors or installers to work on your home without proper licenses and insurance. This is especially important for anyone working on your roof.
  4. References. Ask for a list of customers the contractors have installed skylights for and call some names on the lists to verify performance, work quality, and whether the skylights have been waterproof.
  5. Contracts. Any contractors or installers working on your house should always have a signed contract specifying scope of work, prices, completion dates, and any warranties involved.

Follow these guidelines for finding reputable skylights installers and contractors for your home and you should feel comfortable knowing your skylights have been installed correctly and they're ready for anything nature may have in store.

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