Top Skylight Colors

October 11, 2010

The idea that skylights bring the outdoors indoors makes sense. Installing skylights promotes a feeling of greater space and brightness. Putting a designer spin on things, consider skylights window colors to enhance the installation. Furthermore, skylights window colors can add harmony to the actual room ambiance.

An Internet search or visit to your local home improvement store will turn up a list of manufacturers who provide top skylights windows colors and make the idea of interior/exterior enhancement a reality. For example, Wasco Skylights provides nine colors along with a copper cladding option. The top-of-the-line company, VELUX, partnered with Pella in the US, sells only neutral gray or copper cladding but remains a popular choice. Andersen Windows uses its Terratone® as a standard among top skylights windows colors.

Top skylights windows colors and alternative construction materials, like plastic or polyurethane, produce interesting combinations. A tinted window design places a patch of color on your roof and a softening of interior lighting.

Although not an integral part of a skylight assembly, shades made of fabric or fiberglass/vinyl can add a range of colors or matte patterns to block incoming light and/or filter UV rays.

Skylight kits for the DIY enthusiast come at a reasonable price and although Energy Star® glazing might cost more, the savings in energy and government rebates can make it an attractive option.

Finally, a suitable paint job on the frame can complete the palette if nothing else suits your taste.

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