Top Skylight Brands

October 11, 2010

Skylights used to be fairly rare, considered a fancy addition to a house, and there weren't that many brands to choose from. Today there are several top skylight brands for homeowners to choose from, and different types of skylights as well.

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Domed unit skylights are often metal framed and use reflectors and sun-tracking technology to bring indirect sun into the home for natural daylight. Prismatic skylights refract sunlight into the home to brighten. Tubular skylights use thin pipes and reflectors to direct sun into the home even if there's a considerable distance between roof and the room you want to light.


VELUX® manufactures a line of skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels, as well as blinds and glazing options for skylights. The deck mounted, No Leak skylight features Low E glass for energy efficiency and can be remote or manually controlled, or fixed.

The VELUX® curb mounted electric venting skylight brings in fresh air and, should you forget to close it, automatically close itself before bringing in rain. It reduces the need for air conditioning and can provide energy savings. Budget between $150 and $450 for a VELUX® skylight.

Sunoptics--High Performance Prismatic Daylighting

Sunoptics provides high performance prismatic daylighting by the brand that lights up Lowe's® Home Improvement stores. Manufactured to let in optimum diffused, glare-free light, the prismatic skylight designs include:

  • Sunoptics Signature Series (commercial)
  • Double-Hip or Pyramid (architecturally and aesthetically pleasing)
  • Flat (for high pitch roofs or low profile applications)
  • Multi-Lite (for custom applications)

These top skylights brands will light up your home at the same time they cut down on energy cost and consumption. Price points may vary, but the manufacturers are highly regarded in the building industry.

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