Window Accessories for Skylights

October 11, 2010

Skylights can add an abundance of natural light into just about any room in your home that doesn't have living space above it and you can easily customize them by choosing from the wide range of available accessories that can add to their appearance and function.

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Window Accessories for Skylights can Aid Appearance, Function, and Ease of Use

Skylights can really brighten up a room, but they can be difficult to reach due to their high location. And, if they happen to be installed in a two story cathedral ceiling, they may be almost impossible to operate safely. Skylight manufacturers realize this, and there are a number of window accessories for skylights that can make using the windows in your home safe and convenient. Some accessories such as flashing kits are used during installation to help prevent future water leaks, but most accessories are designed to make your skylights easier to use on a daily basis. Choose from skylight accessories such as:

  • Insect screens..Screens allow you to let fresh air in but keep insects out.
  • Security locks..Security locks can be installed if you have concerns about unwanted visitors on your roof. The locks allow the skylight to be opened for ventilation, but the lens can't be removed
  • Blinds..There may be times you don't want sunlight streaming through your skylights and skylight blinds allow you to adjust how much light you get and when you get it
  • Electric controls..Remote controls allow you to fully operate your skylights from a safe location. You can use your electric controls to open and close your skylights for ventilation and adjust the blinds for sunlight.

Most window accessories for skylights are reasonably priced and allow you to safely enjoy the full benefits skylights can provide you and your family no matter where they are located.

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