Skylight Styles: More Than Starlight, Star Bright

December 19, 2009

Natural light enhances color and brightens your home's interior. Today's skylights can be installed with minimum fuss and provide maximum results. Tube skylights are easy to install, and their reflective qualities can bring a lot of light into your home without displacing large areas of your roof.

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Why Skylights?

The main purpose of skylights is adding light to areas where there are no windows, or where privacy is desired. Skylights are frequently used to brighten entryways, halls, and even closets. Skylights installed in a garage or workshop can provide natural light over a workbench. A skylight can brighten your bathroom while preserving privacy. Textured or stained glass allow light to enter while preserving maximum privacy.

Full spectrum sunlight is healthier for humans, pets and plants than the limited spectrum provided by traditional interior lighting.

Going Tubular

Tube skylights provide light while conserving energy. They're relatively easy to install, or you can have them professionally installed. The interior of the tubular structure contains reflective material that concentrates and distributes light into your home. The relatively small opening in your roof required for a tubular skylight reduces the potential for leaks and drafts sometimes associated with larger skylights.

Skylight designs are available in options to suit a variety of locations and lighting needs. Considering several designs can help you find the ideal skylight solution for your home.

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