Dome Skylight: Enhance Lighting and Reduce Energy Costs

December 08, 2009

Dome skylights range in size from traditional window sizes to small, tubular skylights that provide natural light in dim areas of your home including halls and closets. Made of durable plastic, a dome skylight can improve interior lighting while reducing energy costs associated with halogen and incandescent lighting. A large dome skylight may be effective in an entry or hallway, but large skylights can produce excessive heat, so choose your skylight's location carefully. Dome skylight shapes include square, rectangular, and round.

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Tubular Dome Skylight: Inexpensive but Effective Light Source

A tubular dome skylight can provide abundant light in small areas, and using several of them increases ambient light in larger rooms. Natural light enhances the appearance of your decor without distorting color. Here are some suggestions for using a dome skylight:

  • Entryway: Adding a skylight to your entry hall provides a gradual transition from outdoor light to indoor lighting.
  • Halls: If your hallways are dark and uninviting, tubular dome skylight options can brighten things up and provide light for displaying artwork.
  • Kitchen: Natural light provided by a dome skylight can visually enhance textures of tile, wood, and granite. Ttubular skylight options may include incandescent lighting and exhaust fans that eliminate the need for separate lighting and fans.
  • Bath: A skylight in the bath provides natural light without privacy concerns. A dome skylight with an exhaust fan can be a decorative and practical addition to your bath.
  • Bedrooms: If you'd like to sleep under the stars, a dome skylight in your bedroom can help. Installing a large skylight with a retractable closure can help you avoid excessive heat during the day.

Installing a skylight in your home accents your home's features and adds to its appeal.

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