Top Single Pane Window Styles

October 11, 2010

While many homeowners choose to replace older single pane windows with newer, energy-efficient double pane windows, you may run into some remodeling situations which demand the traditional look of a single pane of glass. The good news--the single pane windows available today are head-and-shoulders above those manufactured years ago, and many brands offer energy-saving features, such as heat-reflecting glass coatings and insulated frames.

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Top single pane windows styles include:

  • Single hung windows: These are a popular choice if you're looking for a simple and traditional style of operable window. Reminiscent of older windows which used a sash weight to hold the window open, today's single hung windows slide freely in a durable window track and are easy to open and close. A single hung window with divided light mullions may be the best choice if you want a historically accurate replacement window.
  • Picture windows: These are often referred to as fixed-glass windows and are used in renovations if you're trying to follow the standards of a historical architectural era. Picture windows don't open. So, they are as simple as windows get, with a single pane of glass set into a window frame.
  • Casement Windows: These have a single pane of glass and are another option if you want a traditional- looking replacement window. That's because they mimic the look of old steel windows and operate the same way. Using a crank to open and close, casement windows are also desirable because the entire window frame swings out, which creates a large opening for fresh air to enter the house.

Single pane windows cost significantly less than double pane windows, which run about $450 before installation. This price is quoted from Internet sources.

If you're looking for a window which looks traditional, but performs like a modern window, consider some of these top single pane windows styles.

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