Common Single Pane Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Single pane windows come in all shapes and sizes. New construction single panes are fairly conventional in shape but can differ drastically in overall dimensions, depending on the manufacturer. Windows used in historical renovation and as replacements can vary from tiny slots to huge sheets of glass covering an entire wall. As a result, common single pane windows sizes are hard to come by.

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Common Single Pane Windows Sizes

In reality, there are no common single pane windows sizes. The closest thing to standardized common single pane windows sizes is found in brick or block construction. Here the exterior building material is a limiting factor on window size. To fit properly, windows should have widths that are multiples of 16 inches and heights that are multiples of 8 inches.

The window openings in wood framed buildings may be any size, depending on the builder, local codes, and owner preference. It's easier to measure for replacement windows and customize them for the existing hole than adjust the frames.

Trends for Single Pane Windows

The use of single pane windows is not as common as it used to be. Double or triple paned windows are becoming more popular, though single paned windows are here to stay for several reasons.

  • They are more affordable than other styles.
  • Light transference is greater.
  • Overall weight is reduced.

Single pane windows provide important benefits to homeowners that other window styles can not.

Customized Single Pane Windows

Nearly every window manufacturer will customize their single pane window sizes upon request to accommodate existing rough frames. Single pane windows are easily customized to provide the desired UV protection, glazing, weatherproofing, and appearance. Customized windows are ordered through any reputable home improvement store, lumber yard, builder, or direct from the manufacturer.

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