Window Shades for Single Pane Windows

October 11, 2010

Selecting and installing window shades for single pane windows require an analysis of your needs for privacy, light management, and energy conservation. Single pane windows can allow sunlight, heat, and cold to penetrate your home, while permitting your home's heat or air conditioning to escape. Your single pane windows may benefit from these energy efficient styles of window shades:

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  • Honeycomb (or cellular) window shades: These provide a cushion of insulating air between layers. Their surfaces resemble accordion folds, and they can be ordered in various fabrics depending on how much light penetration you want. Blackout cellular shades are available for areas requiring privacy; they include an insulating material layer within each cell that blocks light (and your neighbors' view inside your home).
  • Roman shades with cellular shade liners: Roman shades provide a simple and elegant appearance, and are available with a cellular shade liner that promotes energy efficiency by providing additional insulation. This option provides stylish and energy efficient window shades for your single pane windows.
  • Screen roller shades: Single pane windows permit the sun's UV rays to penetrate into your home and causing sun damage to upholstery, carpet, and window coverings. Installing screen roller shades designed to filter out destructive sunlight while helping to control climate indoors. These shades are available in a variety of weaves, with looser weaves allowing more light in and less privacy. Screen roller window shades are not intended for areas requiring privacy.

Shopping online and visiting window dealers can help with finding attractive and energy efficient window shades for single pane windows.

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