Single Pane Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

Single-pane windows, while predominantly not in use today, can still be found in a few select styles. Single-pane window costs and prices will largely depend on what style of window you choose; the most common type of single-pane window you can still find include picture, hopper window, and architectural windows.

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Single-pane windows are still often found in homes 50-plus years old, but in the last few decades they have been almost completely phased out by more energy-efficient insulated windows, such as double-pane and triple-pane windows.

"Single pane is obsolete," says Daniel Magrath of Incline Glass, Inc., in Nevada. "When insulated windows came in, out went single pane. If someone brings them in, of course we'll replace the glass, but no one is manufacturing them new for the most part."

Single-Pane Windows by Style

The most common type of single pane, or single glazed as they are also called, windows you will find are fixed picture windows. These types of windows are often small and used solely for decorative purposes. A couple of types of commonly found single-pane windows, and their associated cost are:

  • Architectural window, octagonal shape: $100-$200
  • Sliding aluminum window, 46x22: $50-$90

Single-pane windows are much less expensive than the double-pane or triple-pane windows, but they are also much less energy-efficient and have very little ability to keep out noises. These are the two main reasons, according to Magrath, that they have stopped being used.

If you are set on single-pane windows for your home, contact your local window replacement stores to see if they carry single-pane, or if they can make custom windows for your home.

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